• John Farr Lighting John Farr Lighting Washington, DC
  • Orlando Funeral Home Orlando Funeral Home Erie, PA
  • MIABS MIABS Mercyhurst Institute Applied Behavioral Studies
  • Dusckas Funeral Home Dusckas Funeral Home Erie, PA
  • Ten O' Nine Records Ten O' Nine Records Chicago, IL
  • Westfield Auto Care Westfield Auto Care Westfield, NJ
  • Erie Art Museum Erie Art Museum Custom Shopping System
  • Pistol Whip Pistol Whip Video/Graphics/Mastering
  • PennABA PennABA PA Association for Behavioral Analysis
  • McCormick Structual Systems McCormick Structual Systems Erie, PA
  • MIABS MIABS Mercyhurst Institute Applied Behavioral Studies
  • Drake Well Museum Drake Well Museum Titusville, PA
  • Rick DiBello Rick DiBello Original Music
  • CC & W CC & W Cactus Cate & Whiskers
  • Cattle Cruisers Cattle Cruisers 1988 - present
  • Candy Golde Candy Golde Members of Cheap Trick & Wilco



About DiBello Design

All DiBello Designs are created and tailored specifically to suit, using economy and ease as guiding principles. No two projects are the same. We pride ourselves in creating clean, fluid layouts that are beautiful to view easy to find and simple to use.

Print - cards, brochures, pamphlets, booklets

Media - audio, video, advertisements, commercials

Web - responsively designed, SEO websites - with social and business network applications, online stores, content management systems (CMS)

DiBello Design is a small design house launched in 1998 and headed by the musician/engineer/designer team of Rick DiBello and Alethea (Lea) Bodine. In 2001, DiBello Design began serving a worldwide community of artists, technicians, archivists and entrepreneurs - with an attitude that anything is possible and no project is ever too big or too small.